Real-Time Wildfire Analysis

FireCast is a fully automated software service developed to provide real-time analysis of wildfire behaviour. Simulations presenting fire perimeters and a variety of statistics are completed within minutes. These quick results help support timely decision-making in response planning.

Screencapture of the web application showing a map.
Screencapture of the web application showing a heatmap.


  • Fuel models cover Canadian and New Zealand FBP fuel types
  • Secured access available via web and mobile browsers, as well as REST API’s
  • Visualizations in 2D and 3D views, with a variety of options (streets to satellite imagery)
  • Perimeters and fire statistics displayed in the UI, and available via the API’s
  • Interactive playback of simulations for visualization of fire growth
  • Agency and user-customization of the UI for FBAN’s, Duty Officers, Meteorologists
  • Agency and user-customization of a variety of simulation options
  • Predictions based on GDPS, GEPS, RDPS, REPS, HRDPS, NAM, GPS, HRRR, SREF, ECMWF weather models
  • Results automatically generated within minutes of new inputs
  • A growing set of advanced outputs such as arrival times and critical fire paths to assets
  • Archival of every fire ever modelled, for playback, post-fire analysis, and training

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Year 2021

2,500 Fires in near real-time across western Canada
4,000 Separate fire perimeters
125,000+ Simulations of modelled fires

Year 2022

~7,000 Fires in near real-time across western Canada
4,700,000 Scenarios
~675,000 Simulations of modelled fires
fires modelled in the stat’s

2022 FireCast modelled fires in western North America

FireCast is powered by W.I.S.E. and thus is built upon validated software that implements the Canadian Fire Weather Index (FWI) and Fire Behaviour Prediction (FBP) standards. FireCast provides results via your desktop web browser or mobile device, as well as REST API’s for your existing IT infrastructure to consume results.


Industries Served



FireCast clients

We’re proud to have had the opportunity to build partnerships and provide services with these agencies.

  • Government of the Northwest Territories Public Works and Services
  • Government of Alberta
  • Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency
  • Government of Yukon
  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
  • Société de protection des forêts contre le feu (Québec)
  • Alaska Interagency Coordination Center

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